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  1. 아 리수진 너무 예뻐서 잠이 안옴.ㄹㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅋㅎㅎㅋㅋㅎㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅋ
    작가님 스릉….만수무강하세요

  2. omocat:

    it’s the most…wonderful time…of the year……..

  3. Elsword
Illustrator Chris
The god of highschol

    Illustrator Chris
    The god of highschol

  4. Big news!
    The Naver webtoon official site for eng is opended!
    Diffrent from before,as Naver translated,which means official translations,you can in scroll and more neat and clear translations! I bet read in scrool make a huge diffrence.
    Also,web provide not only famous webtoons like Nobless and Tower of God,they also provide not well know ones. There are minor,but there are really unique and intersting,too. and i think it will let you know what Korea comcs like.haha
    Plus,you can read with mobile app. I heard it was Line app… i’ll search about it later.
    Glad to hear about it and hope there will be more webroon fans!

  5. Long time no see!
    Yong Je.Park,the author,said there will be official eng GOH is coming soon! Which means you guys can read GOH in scroll!! I bet it’s a lot more funXD
    And maybe i dont need to translate goh info in eng.haha
    Anyway I hope yhere will be more GOH readers aboard. actually in kor,there are lots of readers but why i cant see in tumblr or twitter….. a mystery..hmm
    oh,and also Jin mori fugurine is going to be sent in next month! I will post about it soon!