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  1. nudeyakult:

    Korean media, our media, keeps lying and lying again.

    My English is terrible but I thought it is our duty.. to expose this fact.

    we don’t know what the true is.. but the web page the below is near the mark, I think.. (Korean page)

    the page based on personal internet broadcast(live)’s contents  last night, this things were happened.

    I say this again, my English is terrible.

    before this, we’re so fucked out  because of false reforts (so many.. the only unchanged fact is that THE CAPTAIN WAS JERK)

    1. the government emphasized over and over about possibility air pocket without baseless, but there was only oil tank.

    2-3. family of missing people visited the situation room, but it was empty. <-WTF???

    4. the families were furious so they threw journalists out.

    5. they decied to visit the Blue House(the Korean presidential residence)

    6. families agreed that and they decied to rent bus

    7. but policemen in plain clothes were hiding, and the families found them. there were dozens of policemen in the gym, and they reported the plan(going to the Blue House)

    8. there was no rent bus, but three police buses arrived in a moment.

    9. soon after, ten police buses arrived more.

    10-11. the families tried to get there in a walk(it’s 400km…ㅜㅜ) but the government said “there can be about 30 survivor inside. you are interrupting our rescue work”

    12-13. the school parents said again “we will get there in a walk”, prime minister and the cops delayed them. (the prime minister said, “I’m not a expert” “let’s gather head” “we will have a meeting in morning 10:00” and repeated that)

    14-15. an hour after, he tried to run away with car and angry families surrounded the car.

    16. that moment, someone cried out : SURVIVOR! (such a great timing…)

    17. families swarmed around to gym, and the same time police buses made barricade

    18. families arrived gym but cop said “they are already transferring to hospital”

    19. but it was the false report, too. (the cried guy, got a car acting as survivor’s family, and cops, everything was not ture)

    police started repress by force. they made barricade with police bus in front of gym.

    20. before the visit of prime minister, there was an advance of families. they arrived Jindo bridge in a walk. they walked 13km all night long..

    21. in that time, the minister was sleeping in his car (05:30)

    22. the police blocked Jindo bridge and mountain path around. there was physical fight between the police and families. some people were injured, and some people fainted.

    23. and the government is considering to designate Jindo as a special disaster area. it allows every kind of financial aid, so they can put military troops for restoration work.. but there are some doubtful aspects.-like as penal provisions, access control and island blockade.

    this is my limit of translation. sorry about fool English, but I want to spread out this. this situation makes me occur the historical democratic incidents of 1970~1980. so worried…

    if you read this, I would be very grateful thanks to you.

    Rest in peace, heroes. and I still praying for miracle.

    사실이라는게 부끄러운 우리나라.

    하지만 국격이 제대로 떨어져서 나라망신 당하고 나라가 제대로 됬으면 하다

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  3. 이번 사건 진짜 개같다.

    해외분들은 단순히 배가 가라앉고 사상자 나온줄 알지만 이번 사고 처리하는 과정에서 대한민국이라는 대한민국은 다 보는것 같음.

    승객 냅두고 제일 먼저 탈출한 선장새끼가 제일 나쁜 개새끼이고 솔까 살인자랑 다름없지 그냥 먼저 탈출해도 시원찮을 판에 앉아있으세요 라니 허허 시부럴

    그리고 부상자들,유가족들 끊임없이 괴롭히는 기레기들도 진짜 쓰레기. 친구들 안 그래도 죽었는데 거기다 니 친구 누구누구 죽었다라고 명단 불러주고 사진찍어가고 쉬어야 하고 안정취해야 하는데 말 계속 시키고 압박 주고.. 

    이번 사고 이용해서 선거운동하는 후보자들 노답이다. 가만히 있어도 평타칠것을….ㅁㅊㄴㄷ

    대통령이 가는건 관례상 맞는데 조용히 가지 않고 앰불런스랑 차들 오히러 교통방해주고., 그리고 이건 대통령이 시킨건지 모르겠지만 6살 짜리애 병원에 있다면서 왜 대통령이랑 사진 찍고 있음? 애 과자 못 먹을 정도로 패닉 상태라며. 그리고 유가족들 앞에서 대통령님께 따뜻한 박수는 개뿔이다. 미친놈들 인간이라는 놈들이 유가족들이 앞에 있는데 할말이냐.

    무슨 공기 넣을려고 해도 그 놈의 승인 승인 승인. 국민들이 승인하는데 왜 계속 미루는것도 미친짓이고.

    NEW»학생들은 바닥에서 눕고 있는데 의자에서 라면 드시는 장관님;ㅅ;

    A Minister who are eating Ramen sitting on chair while students are on floor.

    미안하지만 텀블러에게. 현제 텀블러에 떠도는 문자,카카오스토리 캡쳐는 거의다 거짓말입니다. 조작이에요. 이건 같은 나라 사람으로써 너무 부끄러움. 미친놈들 두번 미친놈들. 관종놈들

    To Tumblr users, sorry to tell this,but most of message captures about this accident is FAKE. They are made up. 

    내가 나라 망신 시키는지는 모르겠지만 대한민국 이번 사고로 인해 망신을 당하더라도 고쳤으면 좋겠음.

    죽은 학생들은 평생 동안 공부만 하고 대학가면 뭐든지 할수 있다는 말 한마디로 산 애들인데 죽는건 불쌍하기보다는 너무 억울하다. 

    횡설수설 했는듯해서 죄송합니다. 감정적인게 반일거에요

  4. betulane:

Pray for South Korea

Pray for South Korea
    High Resolution


    Pray for South Korea

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